Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ideas Transforming

Throwing a few screenshots up to show how, when I write, I have conversations with myself in comment form. Every time I write, my thesis changes a little bit-- which is excellent, and I learn a little more about what I think about my own ideas. Even if it's not yet clear to others, I see the strands beginning to take form and it makes me very happy.

On a side note, yes it is a Saturday night, and yes I am doing work. My friends and my fiance will be quite happy when this is all over, because "you're always working, you're never around." Oops.


  1. Oh this approach makes me happy (no comment on the working Saturday night). I'll be mixing in really soon.

  2. You're almost there! My family yells at me for the same things! I am always working documenting thinking. Will it ever stop.


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