Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sources Galore

As I mentioned last class, I received a lot of sources from an unlikely person-- the pastor of my church. Every year, he does a series called "The God Questions" where he brings up topical issues in the world right now, and teaches the Christian approach to such challenges. My pastor is a former teacher, and a doctor, so I hold his academic opinion in high esteem. A few weeks ago, he spoke on transhumanism (imagine my surprise), and the idea of the "humanity" of AI-- and all during the service I scribbled down books he mentioned that would be helpful to my research. I spoke with him after the service, and he sent me four emails full of links and slides from his sermon, and I am quite grateful

Honestly, I'm not much of a planner. I think I know where this topic is going, but I could be surprised. I usually begin to sort things out as a write and, right now, I'm probably not going to get too spiritual with my topic, although the idea of humanity and humanism is deeply spiritual. Regardless, I think I will be able to use several of these sources.

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