Thursday, October 12, 2017

Meet the Librarians

Librarians are significantly less harmful than Welcome to Night Vale would have one believe. However, I'm not taking any chances...

I didn't know what to expect from my meeting with one of the Kean librarians, so I went in hopeful that anything I might learn could be helpful. I have friends studying to be research librarians, so I am aware that a good librarian is a handy research partner. Was this the case at Kean? I have to admit that the lady I spoke with, Linda, was fairly helpful.

One of my questions for Linda was regarding copyright law in relation to the use of e-books, and she went above and beyond to give me an impressive amount of information regarding copyright policies. She admitted that she wasn't well versed in the matter, but she compiled an impressive amount of information on the topic. I also asked Linda to help me find sites upon which I could access free e-books, and she gave me a list of four different sites to explore, each of which linked out to several more sites worth of resources.

After we spoke about my questions, she showed me how to use the library website to access resources available both through the Kean library and through inter-library loan sources.

I have to admit that I learned more than I expected to from the experience. In all honesty, I think that I could have done the same research and found similar resources, but it was really nice to get help from someone whose job is to do research and help students. I think that there are some thesis-specific things that I would need to research myself, considering that I am entrenched in the field and have a better understanding, but this meeting was good for getting help with a more general topic. 

All things considered, not bad. As I am fond of saying, menzamenz

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  1. Just stay away from the dog park.

    i hope this was helpful. They are likely going to be more help with more specific requests. And knowing Interlibrary Loan is very critical because it should mean you can get any book.


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