Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Uninteresting Updates

Reading, reading, reading, reading, reading! That's what I'm up to!

Today I braved the Kean computer lab for the second time in my graduate career and printed out my list of sources from last week. It was a fairly uneventful experience, and I'm excited to see the resources I have so far.

In talking to Alan, he made me think harder on how I'm going to include my love of dystopian lit into the piece, and I'm hopeful that it will still shine through strong, despite my focus on DH tools and analysis. In order to draw a strong parallel between my work and dystopian lit, I'm going to have to delve into research explaining the themes of dystopian lit-- such as control, fear, and pushing forward into the future, and include that as a substantial part of the start of my paper, which is just fine with me!

I'll blog more tomorrow about what I find in my reading, and, speaking of which, back to that!

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